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Time Management Workshop (1-Day)

presented by Canadian Management Centre (CMC)
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Discover how to eliminate time-wasters and achieve greater personal productivity.

Workshop Description/Agenda

There are only 24 hours in a day - no more, no less.  Everyone starts with the same amount of hours - so why do some people seem to get so much more done?

Best practices for time management vary from person to person based on their own unique combination of day-to-day demands.  But regardless of your personal work situation, an inability to manage time can leave you feeling stressed, overwhelmed and unproductive. This workshop offers practical techniques that you can put to immediate use to gain control over your day by helping you plan and prioritize more effectively while managing interruptions and distractions. 

Learning Objectives

  • Identify typical time-wasters in your day and create solutions to overcome them
  • Set goals and objectives to get things done
  • Plan your day to accomplish what is important
  • Understand how technology affects your ability to get things done
  • Identify where you are spending your time wisely and where you are wasting time
  • Reprioritize your activities for maximum time use and productivity

Course Benefits

  • Gain clarity on what you really need to accomplish
  • Gain better work-life balance through new approaches to managing time
  • Optimized productivity through more effective planning, goal setting and prioritizing

Course Features

  • Practical tools and templates that can be applied immediately
  • Job aids and resources that enable you to transfer your new skills back in your work environment
  • Opportunities to apply your learning and share best practices with other workshop participants


6 PDUs

Who Should Attend

Individuals looking for an opportunity to enhance their time management capabilities.

Additional Information

Training Provider: Canadian Management Centre (CMC)

Course Topics: Business Skills Training > Time/Stress Management

Training Course Summary: Discover how to eliminate time-wasters and achieve greater personal productivity.

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