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Logistics & Supply Chain Management Professional for the Digital Economy

presented by Simpliv
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Logistics & Supply Chain Management Professional for the Digital Economy

Workshop Description/Agenda

The global logistics & supply chain management industry is growing at an annual rate of 38%. However the supply of certified professionals in this industry suffers a 47% deficit.

This crisis is aggravated by the changing business dynamics in the digital era. With E-Commerce & digital market places replacing conventional businesses, the industry needs professionals with a sound knowledge of traditional logistics & supply chain management along with good understanding of its working in the digital economy.

This course is for someone looking to jump start or fast track their career in this ever growing industry, build a strong foundation of the domain & stand apart as a brand from their peers.

Basic knowledge
Basic understanding of business, commerce is an added advantage

What You Will Learn

  • The core fundamentals of logistics & supply chain management
  • Various functions like, sourcing, procurement, distribution, warehousing etc
  • Analytical modelling of cost effective procurement & distribution using tools
  • Techniques to reduce operational wastage & maximize profits
  • Case Study of the Unilever's partner program


Getting Started with Supply Chain Management
Demand Forecasting & Management
Service Levels
Manufacturing & Warehousing
Sourcing & Partnerships

Course Duration: 2:30:03 AM

Course Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Who Should Attend

  • This course is designed for beginners and intermediate students/professionals in logistics, supply chain and operations management who want to improve and broaden their scope of knowledge on the subject.
  • This course is designed for more seasoned professionals looking for a quick refresher and test their knowledge and application of logistics and supply chain management.

Additional Information

Training Provider: Simpliv

Course Topics: Industrial Training Training > Supply Chain

Training Course Summary: Logistics & Supply Chain Management Professional for the Digital Economy