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Hiring for Attitude: Target Those That Are A Pleasure To Manage

presented by Lorman Education Services
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Hiring for Attitude: Target Those That Are A Pleasure To Manage

Workshop Description/Agenda

Learning Objectives
Learning Objectives * You will be able to review the best practice firms that hire for success. * You will be able to discuss how hiring individuals who are a pleasure to manage can help you be more effective and less stressed. * You will be able to identify the specific work behaviors you should be targeting. * You will be able to recognize how to identify work behaviors during behavioral interviews.

Learn how you can supplement your current hiring process with a focus on identifying future work behaviors. Its a fact that some of your new hires will end up being a pleasure to manage. While many others will take up an inordinate amount of the managers time and concern because of their attitude. Hiring those with the wrong attitude will burden the manager for years because they will continually create problems and require constant watching and direction. However, if you focus on hiring for attitude you will end up with employees that are selfmotivated and selfstarters that wont bombard you with unnecessary questions or issues. Because they are easy to manage, these new hires will free up a managers time so that they can focus on more strategic issues. In this fastpaced and stimulating course, the speaker will demonstrate how you can supplement your current hiring process with a focus on identifying the future work behaviors that will be exhibited by employees with an attitude that respects the managers time. Having employees that are not a burden is even more important today because a managers time is severely limited in a workworld dominated by remote work, pivots, and budget cuts. Our speakers calls them a pleasure to manage employees, while others have called them selfmotivated, selfmanaging, or low maintenance employees. Some of the a pleasure to manage attitude components you should be looking for in candidates include selfdirected learning, forwardlooking and collaborators. As well as those that will lighten a managers workload by accepting the ownership of problems and removing them from a managers plate. If you are an experienced manager, the odds are that you have had only a handful of them during your career. And because they made your life easier, as a manager, for years, they have become unforgettable employees (odds are that you can instantly remember their names). We are excited that Dr. John Sullivan, wellknown global recruiting thought leader and the Michael Jordan of hiring, has agreed to lead this highly interactive topic.

Introduction The Best Practice Firms That Hire for Attitude How Hiring These Individuals Will Make a Manager More Effective and Less Stressed What Are the Specific Work Behaviors That You Should Be Targeting? How to Identify These Work Behaviors During Behavioral Interviews Additional Approaches for Identifying These Pleasure to Manage Work Behaviors in a Candidate

John Sullivan with Dr. John Sullivan & Associates

ASA ,HR Certification Institute ,SHRM ,Additional credit may be available upon request.

Who Should Attend

This live webinar is designed for human resource managers, recruiters, hiring managers, benefits and payroll professionals, personnel managers, presidents, business owners and managers, and controllers.

Additional Information

Training Provider: Lorman Education Services

Course Topics: HR Management Training > Interviewing/Recruiting Skills

Training Course Summary: Hiring for Attitude: Target Those That Are A Pleasure To Manage