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Essential Communication Techniques for Administrative Professionals

presented by Lorman Education Services
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Essential Communication Techniques for Administrative Professionals

Workshop Description/Agenda

Learn essential skills to communicate more clearly, professionally, and effectively. As an administrative professional, your position is critical to the workings of the office, yet you may feel like you are hit from all sides with unreasonable expectations, emotional outbursts, and cloudy communications. How do you clearly and effectively communicate with all the different personality types while still getting your needs met and your work done? This topic will help you quickly identify and understand the basic traits of different communication styles so that you can adjust to their needs and be heard. The material will also explain how to manage up, down, and sideways by using these communication styles to deliver solid feedback and ensure they are receptive to your ideas. This information is critical to the professional who has to work with bosses, teammates, and clients from different departments, backgrounds, and generations.

Defining and Recognizing Effective Communication
• Understanding the Four Basic Personality Styles and How They Communicate
• How to Give Clear Instructions and Pitch Ideas to Each Communication Type
• How to Ensure You Receive Clear Instructions for Your Type

Clearing the Clutter
• How Your Intellectual Noise Gets in the Way of Your Understanding
• How to Hear Over Listening and Respond Without Planning
• Using Signposting and Debriefing to Ensure Clarity Across the Organization

Delivering the Best Service
• How (and Why) to Treat Everyone Like Your Customer
• Calming Quick Tempers and Emotional Outbursts
• Dealing With Divas and Naysayers
• How to Give and Receive Effective Feedback

Melanie Hope from Hope Speaking LLC

IAAP ,Additional credit may be available upon request.

Who Should Attend

This live audio conference is designed for administrative assistants, executive assistants, office administrators, secretaries, office managers and other administrative professionals.

Additional Information

Training Provider: Lorman Education Services

Course Topics: Administrative Professionals Training > Essentials

Training Course Summary: Essential Communication Techniques for Administrative Professionals

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