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Training Seminars in Columbia, SC (South Carolina)

Training In Other South Carolina Locations

Myrtle Beach
North Charleston

Next Week's Training in Columbia


The Administrative Assistants ConferenceSkillPath Seminars2/2/2018 -2/2/2018
The Extraordinary AssistantNational Seminars Group4/4/2018 -4/4/2018

BUSINESS SKILLS - Communicating Basics

Breaking Bad Communication HabitsNational Seminars Group2/5/2018 -2/5/2018

BUSINESS SKILLS - Managing/Supervising Essentials

Management & Leadership Skills for First-Time Supervisors and ManagersNational Seminars Group3/6/2018 -3/7/2018
Dealing Effectively With Unacceptable Employee BehaviorSkillPath Seminars3/22/2018 -3/22/2018

BUSINESS SKILLS - Prioritization/Decision-Making

Managing Multiple Priorities and Projects National Seminars Group4/16/2018 -4/16/2018

BUSINESS SKILLS - Speaking/Presentation Skills

Essential Skills of Dynamic Public SpeakingNational Seminars Group5/1/2018 -5/1/2018

BUSINESS SKILLS - Team Building/Motivation

Excelling as a Highly Effective Team LeaderSkillPath Seminars1/18/2018 -1/19/2018


Leadership & Management for WomenNational Seminars Group2/27/2018 -2/27/2018

BUSINESS SKILLS - Writing Skills

The Copywriters Workshop: 2 dayNational Seminars Group2/28/2018 -3/1/2018

COMPUTERS / Software - Office Software

Getting the Most From Microsoft® Excel®SkillPath Seminars3/5/2018 -3/5/2018

HEALTH CARE - Behavioral Health

Calming the Brain through Mindfulness: Rewire Emotions with the Power of NeuroplasticityVyne Education1/19/2018 -1/19/2018

HEALTH CARE - Physical Therapy

Pediatric Dysphagia: Establishing the Brain-Mouth-Gut ConnectionVyne Education1/12/2018 -1/12/2018
Designing an Evidence-Based Play Therapy ProgramVyne Education1/24/2018 -1/24/2018

HR MGMT - Employee Problems/Special Employees

Detox Your WorkplaceSkillPath Seminars12/20/2017 -12/20/2017

HR MGMT - Essentials/Basics

The Basics of HR LawNational Seminars Group2/1/2018 -2/1/2018

HR MGMT - Insurance/Employee Benefits

FMLA ComplianceNational Seminars Group4/10/2018 -4/10/2018

INDUSTRIAL TRAINING - Maintenance/Safety/Compliance

OSHA Saftey Training: The 30-Hours Compliance CourseNational Seminars Group3/12/2018 -3/16/2018

LAW - Construction

Troubleshooting Construction Project Legal IssuesNBI, Inc.2/15/2018 -2/15/2018

LAW - Family Law

Family Law From A to Z NBI, Inc.2/23/2018 -2/23/2018

LAW - General

Dirty Litigation Tactics: How to Deal with the "Rambo" Litigator NBI, Inc.2/16/2018 -2/16/2018

LAW - Judicial Forum

As Judges See It: Best (and Worst) Practices in Civil LitigationNBI, Inc.3/9/2018 -3/9/2018

LAW - Personal Injury

Plaintiff's Personal Injury: Advanced PracticeNBI, Inc.1/23/2018 -1/23/2018

LAW - Probate

Probate Boot CampNBI, Inc.2/26/2018 -2/26/2018

LAW - Real Estate Law

Handling Real Estate Transactions From Start to FinishNBI, Inc.2/6/2018 -2/6/2018

LAW - Title

Title and Conveyancing: Handling the Top IssuesNBI, Inc.1/29/2018 -1/29/2018

LAW - Trial Practice

Advanced Trial Tactics NBI, Inc.12/18/2017 -12/18/2017
The Rules of Evidence: A Practical ToolkitNBI, Inc.2/28/2018 -2/28/2018