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Presenting the latest information on the laws and regulations
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A Company with a Reputation for Success
Lorman Education Services, a division of Lorman Business Center, Inc., organized its first successful continuing education seminar for professionals in 1987.

Since then, thousands of seminars have served professionals in the United States and internationally, keeping them current on the most pressing topics in a rapidly changing marketplace of ideas. Like you, we understand the need for concise, accurate information.

That understanding underlies each Lorman seminar, presenting the latest information on the laws and regulations critical to your organization's successful daily operations.

The faculty for Lorman Education Services seminars are among the leading professionals you respect in your area. We have taken the time to recruit professionals who work daily with the critical issues in your field. Moreover, each seminar receives our painstaking attention to be certain both the faculty and participants receive the individual attention necessary to achieve maximum benefit from the materials.

Mission Statement

Lorman will lead the industry in providing the highest quality, cutting-edge educational seminars, products and information through various media.

Strategy Statement:

To fulfill our mission, Lorman is committed to:

  1. Reinforcing our brand and name recognition by anticipating customer needs and fostering a mutually beneficial relationship with our faculty.
  2. Conducting research and development while testing and reviewing our methods of operation in a never-ending effort to continually improve our business.
  3. Setting high standards by providing employees an environment that promotes excellence, growth and teamwork.
  4. Pursuing profitable growth by taking smart, calculated risks and encouraging innovative, unconventional ideas.

Value Statement:

To execute our strategy, Lorman is guided by seven core values.

  • We have Passion
  • We are Positive
  • We have a Sense of Urgency
  • We make Smart Decisions
  • We are Focused
  • We are Competitive
  • We are Innovative Risk Takers

Live Webinars

10 Best Employee Expense Reimbursement Practices

10 New Tips for Managing FMLA Leave

Advanced Issues in GMP Contracting

Affirmative Action Compliance Update

Affordable Housing: Finance and Development, How to Maximize the Available Resources

An Overview of HIPAA's Security Requirements and What Your Organization Must Do to Meet All of Them

Appealing Standards: Determining the Applicable Standard of Review

ASCE 7-16 Wind Load Provisions Update

Background Checks: Top 10 Do's and Don'ts

Basics of Sales and Use Tax

Be Confident: Tips for Staying Poised During High Pressure Situations

Best Practices for Estimating Applied Labor and Overhead Rates

Best Practices for Networking Inside and Outside of Your Organization

Best Practices for Reviewing Software Purchases

Best Practices in Business Credit Management

Boilerplate Contract Fundamentals

Brexit and EU VAT Revolution: EU Tax Implications for U.S. Businesses

BSA/AML Reporting Requirements

Business Etiquette: Tips and Rules You Need to Follow

Collection Disputes

Communicating With People Remotely via Skype®

Considering Medicare's Interest in Future Medical Expenses While Avoiding MSA Overfunding

Construction and the Uniform Commercial Code

Create an Effective Front Desk Operation

Create Effective Statements of Functional Expenses

Current Issues in Lease Renewal Negotiations - Captive Tenant and Market-Based Renewal Transactions

Defending and Pursuing Mental Health Claims Under FMLA and ADA

Discharge Codes: Impact on the Post-Acute Care Transfer Policy - Risks and Rewards

Document Management Ethics and Best Practices for Credit and Collection Agencies

Don't Mess With the U.S. DOL: Payroll Compliance Strategies for 2020

Effective Job Interview Techniques: Do's and Don'ts

Effectively Coordinating With Multiple Prime Contractors

Employment Law Compliance: Disciplining or Terminating a Workers' Compensation Claimant

Enter the Crossfire: Can and Should Your Company Ban Guns in the Workplace?

Estate Planning Ethics

Estate Planning for Intellectual Property and How to Pass Along Client Rights After Death


Filling Out Form 1099 Fundamentals

Financial Statement Disclosures for Nonprofits

FMLA Self Audits: Make Sure You Are In Compliance

Foreign Affiliates: State Income Tax Implications

Fraud Enforcement Trends in the Health Care Industry

Fundamentals for Sexual Harassment Cases

Fundraising Analytics for Nonprofits

How to Be a Marketing Superhero When Your Background Isn't in Marketing

How to Detect Fraud

HR and the Complex World of Finance

HUD Section 3: Compliance Tips for Governments

Implementing a Four-Day Workweek: Legal Challenges and Complexities

Influencer Contracting: Getting the Benefit of the Bargain

Insurance Considerations for In-House Counsel

Internal Equity Policies

International Building Codes

Labor and Employment Law Basics for Paralegals

Landlord Responsibilities and Tenant Law Basics for Paralegals

Learn the Fundamentals of TCPA and How to Navigate Communications with the Public

Legal Issues When Volunteers Are Injured: Is Your Nonprofit at Risk?

Leveraging the Strategic Contribution of Human Resources

Maintain Strong Relationships in the Era of a Global Pandemic

Managing Operational Risk in Banks and Financial Institutions

Mass Timber Construction Using the 2021 International Building Code®

Meeting Payer Document Requirements When Submitting Health Information

Mold and IAQ Disputes: A Guide to Effectively Assess and Develop Litigation

Monitoring the Overlap Between FMLA, ADA and Workers' Compensation

Nexus Issues in State Tax Planning

Nonprofit Capital Campaign Success

OCR HIPAA Investigations Happen - How to be Ready and Respond

OSHA's Requirements for Medical Services and First Aid

Paralegals Role in Mergers and Acquisitions

PERM Labor Certification: Managing Old World Recruitment Requirements in a Modern World

Planning Your Employee Party: Keys to a Celebration Without Litigation

Police Misconduct Update: Front Burner Topics Under Section 1983

Post-Offer Employment Testing

Preservation of Net Operating Loss Carryovers through Bankruptcy

Preventing and Defending Mental Health FMLA and ADA Claims

Primer on Real Estate Investment Trusts

Proactive Strategies to Reduce Your Workers' Compensation Premiums

Purchasing Contract Administration

Reading and Understanding Soil Reports

Real Solutions for Handling Unrealistic Expectations

Recognizing and Handling Conflicts of Interest for Paralegals

Recognizing and Preventing Sexual Harassment

Recording and Accounting for Asset Exchanges

Recruiting and Hiring Techniques for a Remote Workforce

Rental Real Estate Safe Harbor Compliance for Section 199A

Rules, Regulations, and Litigation Risks for Calling and Texting Cell Phones

Running Meetings With Webex

Secure Major Gifts: Identify, Secure and Retain

Service Animals in the Workplace: What You Need to Know

Sexual Harassment Investigation

Stay Compliant When Coding for Services Provided by Non-Physician Practitioners

Strategies for Managing Interruptions

Supplemental Pay Under the FLSA

Take It to the Top: Management Power Tools for Administrative Professionals

Tax Treatment of Global Pension Plans for U.S. Based Companies

The Risks of Arbitration Clauses

The Wild World of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Recruiting

Time to Fess Up? The What, When, How, and Why of IRS Voluntary Disclosure Programs

Tips and Tricks for B2B Debt Collection

Tricks of the Trade: Maximizing Your Company's Corporate Liability Coverage and Minimizing Any Obstacles

U.S. Tax Treaties: What You Need to Know

Understand and Interpret Financial Statements

Understanding 401(k) Plan Automatic Enrollment

Understanding the Complexities of Divorce for Families of Special Needs Children

Understanding The Truth In Negotiations Act (TINA) and Commercial Items

Updates on the Modifications of Fiduciary Duties for Members of an LLC

Using Voluntary Correction Programs to Correct Common Health and Retirement Plan Errors

When Wages Are Not FICA Wages

Who Pays When an Independent Contractor Causes Property Damage?

Your Digital Marketing Guide to Navigating the CCPA