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Presenting the latest information on the laws and regulations
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A Company with a Reputation for Success
Lorman Education Services, a division of Lorman Business Center, Inc., organized its first successful continuing education seminar for professionals in 1987.

Since then, thousands of seminars have served professionals in the United States and internationally, keeping them current on the most pressing topics in a rapidly changing marketplace of ideas. Like you, we understand the need for concise, accurate information.

That understanding underlies each Lorman seminar, presenting the latest information on the laws and regulations critical to your organization's successful daily operations.

The faculty for Lorman Education Services seminars are among the leading professionals you respect in your area. We have taken the time to recruit professionals who work daily with the critical issues in your field. Moreover, each seminar receives our painstaking attention to be certain both the faculty and participants receive the individual attention necessary to achieve maximum benefit from the materials.

Mission Statement

Lorman will lead the industry in providing the highest quality, cutting-edge educational seminars, products and information through various media.

Strategy Statement:

To fulfill our mission, Lorman is committed to:

  1. Reinforcing our brand and name recognition by anticipating customer needs and fostering a mutually beneficial relationship with our faculty.
  2. Conducting research and development while testing and reviewing our methods of operation in a never-ending effort to continually improve our business.
  3. Setting high standards by providing employees an environment that promotes excellence, growth and teamwork.
  4. Pursuing profitable growth by taking smart, calculated risks and encouraging innovative, unconventional ideas.

Value Statement:

To execute our strategy, Lorman is guided by seven core values.

  • We have Passion
  • We are Positive
  • We have a Sense of Urgency
  • We make Smart Decisions
  • We are Focused
  • We are Competitive
  • We are Innovative Risk Takers

Live Webinars

A Guide to Utilizing Evernote®

Accommodating Employees With Allergies and Odor Sensitivities

Accounts Payable Best Practices

ADA Update: Overview of Americans With Disabilities Act and Practical Implications for Employers

AIA A105-2017

Allocating Overhead to Construction Projects

Alternative Dispute Resolution: The 2019 Update

An EEOC Audit May Be Coming Soon: Are You Prepared?

Applying 1031 Knowledge in the Real World

Autodesk Civil 3D Fundamentals

Avoiding the Pitfalls of Scope Creep on Construction Projects

Bank Regulatory Concerns with Peer-To-Peer (P2P) Payment Services: Zelle, Venmo and other Applications

Basic Principles of Construction Insurance

Battle of the Forms and Managing the Contracting Process

Become an Effective Section 199A Practitioner

Best Practices for Collecting Information Using Public Records

Best Practices for Managing Jury Emotion

Best Practices to Manage Your Multistate Payroll

BI Reporting: Excel Power Pivot and Power Query

Board Governance Best Practices for Nonprofits

Cell Tower Leasing A-Z in the 5G Era

Commercial Contracts: Drafting and Termination Overview

Commercial Lease Risk Management

Communicating Medical Necessity to Insurance Companies

Construction Scheduling - What You Need To Know

Coordinating Swap and Loan Documentation

Decedent's Final File: Actions Steps After a Client Passes Away

Developing a Sound HR Metrics System

Doing Business Online: International Legal Aspects

Drafting an Irrevocable Trust to Protect VA and Medicaid Benefits

Drafting Clear and Enforceable Contracts

Economic Nexus Standards in State Taxation

Electronic Disclosure under ERISA: How to Effectively Use Technology without Sacrificing Compliance

Error-Free Writing: Sharpen Your Grammar and Proofreading Tools

Estate Planning Appraisal Fundamentals

Estate Planning Before 2026 (and Beyond) for Married Couples

Estate Planning for the Final Years of Life

Ethical Implications for Attorneys Transitioning to New Firms

Everything You Wanted to Know About Drug and Alcohol Testing but Were Afraid to Ask

Excel® Fundamentals for Bankers

Excel® - Mastering Advanced Functions

Federal Tax Deposit Requirements

Filtering Techniques for Excel Data

FMLA Compliance for Small Businesses

FMLA Extension: When 12 Weeks Is Not Enough

Form I-9: Employment Eligibility Verification Update

Form W4 Update: Impact on Payroll

Form-Based Zoning: An Alternative to Conventional Codes

Freedom of Information Act

From Bluffs to Big Sticks: Litigating Covenant Not to Compete and Trade Secret Cases

Fundamentals of SBA Lending: Documenting, Closing and Funding the SBA Loan

Governance and Regulatory Issues for Bank Directors and Officers

Helpful Microsoft Excel ® Uses for Savvy Paralegals

How to Create High Impact Excel® Reports

How to Establish and Prove Paternity in Court

How to Price Your Services and Products for the Government Market

How to Reduce the Time to Fill Positions

ICC Incoterms Update

Insurance Coverage for Data Breaches

Integrated Project Delivery Principles and Building Information Modeling

International Employment Assignments: Understanding the Compliance Risks

IRS Form 1099 Reporting Update

IRS Form 1099-MISC Reporting Requirements and Updates

Lease Accounting: How It Affects Your Business and Preparing for Compliance

Lease Administration

Legal and Ethical Considerations For Non-Profits

Legal Ethical Issues

Legal Issues in Subdivision Platting and Zoning

LGBT Employment Rights Update

LLC Operating Agreements: Formation, Drafting, and Provisions

Managing Post-Construction Claims

Medical Records 101: Responding to Requests for Patient Information

Microsoft Teams & Office 365: Collaboration in the Real World

Mobile Banking: Banking Without Borders

Obstacles and Considerations of a Solo Law Firm Practice

Office of Foreign Assets Control Risk Assessment

Optimizing Tax Treatment of Transaction Costs

OSHA's Rules for Post-Accident Drug Testing

Overview of Financial Records for Paralegals: Obtaining and Understanding the Information

Overview of Resolutions for Medicare and Medicaid Liens

Paralegal's Guide to Evidence: Gathering, Protecting and Spoliation

Partnerships and Section 704(c)

Passive Activity Losses in Real Estate

Payroll and IRS Form 941 Update

Payroll Visa Non-Immigration Updates

Payroll: Preparing for Year-End

PFAS: Regulation Updates and Minimizing Compliance and Litigation Risk

Practical Problem Solving for the Administrative Professional

Private/Public Partnerships for Water Development

Protecting Your Organization's Intellectual Property

Purchasing Ethics: Doing What's Right Across All Supplier Interactions

Recent Developments in Eminent Domain

Recognizing and Addressing COBRA

Regulations Surrounding Youth Employment

Relieving Sales and Use Tax Determination Headaches

Responses and Procedures for Counterclaims

Restructuring Under Section 199A

Section 59A Base Erosion and Anti-Abuse Tax

Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing Act (S.A.F.E. Act) Update

Shop Drawings and other Construction Submittals: Legal and Engineering Perspectives

Smartphone Tips for Administrative Professionals to Increase Efficiency

Social Security Law Basics

Soft Tissue Injury Cases

Status Classification: Exempt vs. Nonexempt

Staying Compliant with Incentive Pay

Strategic Settlement Strategies

Subordination, Non-Disturbance and Attornment Agreements in Commercial Leasing and Real Estate Finance

Successful PTO Programs

Tax Depreciation and Amortization Best Practices

Tax Implications of Private Equity Waterfall and Carried Interest Provisions

Technology Ethics for the Attorney

The California Consumer Privacy Act - What You Need to Know (Even if You're Not in California)

The Life Cycle of a Worker's Comp Claim

The Use of AI in Health Care

Tips to Speed Up the Collection Process

Tolerances and Acceptable Measurements under the ADA

Top Year-End Tax Strategies for Your Clients

Transferring Medical Records Between Providers

U.S. Tax Rules for U.S. Individuals Living in Canada

Understand the Eligibility for Leave Determinations

Unrelated Business Income Tax

Untangling the Complexities of the Form 1040NR

Updating Your Employee Handbook to Comply with Recent Changes

Using Blockchain Technologies to Streamline Contract and Supply Chain Management

Using Hearsay as Evidence

Utilizing Mediation to Resolve Construction Disputes

Valuing and Dividing Businesses in Divorce Cases

What Today's Bankers Need to Know About Serving the New Industrial Hemp Industry

Who is Exempt from Workers Compensation?

Workers' Compensation Fundamentals

Writing to Win: The Fundamentals of Legal Writing

On Demand Webinars

Accommodating Employees With Allergies and Odor Sensitivities

Accounting and Tax Implications for Foreign Operations

Additional Insureds: Coverage, Contracts, Endorsements and Certificates

Advanced Meeting Minutes

Advanced Minute Taking

All-Access Pass (1 Year Unlimited Access)

ALTA Owners' and Lenders' Policies

Avoiding the Pitfalls of GMP Contracting

Avoiding Waiver of the Attorney-Client Privilege

Basics of Trust Administration

Best Practices for Working With Vendors and Suppliers

Budgeting Basics for Nonprofits

Captive Insurance Taxation and Accounting Issues

Change Order Basics

Collections Etiquette: How Far Should You Go?

Conducting a Successful Purchasing Audit

Contract Basics for Paralegals

Corrosion Control for Water System Piping and Storage Tanks

Covenants Not to Compete and Trade Secrets

Current Employment Issues for Nonprofits

Current Issues in Cell Tower Leases

Daubert Motions: Challenging Expert Opinions

Document Retention and Destruction: What HR Professionals Must Know

Do's and Don'ts for Internal Investigations of Employment Issues

Drafting a Green Ordinance: Case Study

Drafting Document Retention Policies

E-Discovery: Subpoenas and Non-Party Production Issues

Employee Attendance Policy Best Practices

Error-Free Writing: Sharpen Your Grammar and Proofreading Skills

Error-Free Writing: Sharpen Your Grammar and Proofreading Tools

Ethics for Paralegals

FCRA Survival Guide: Metro2®, eOscar and Your Compliance Requirements for Consumer Credit Reports Within the CFPB

Final Paychecks: How to Avoid Legal Risk With Accurate Calculation and Distribution

Financial Statement Preparation and Analysis for Nonprofits

Form W4: Impact on Payroll

Fundamentals of Executive Compensation

How to Write Contracts for Procurement Professionals

Implementing a Records Retention Program

Independent Contractor or Employee: Classify Your Non-Profit Workers Correctly

Independent Contractor Reporting Updates: The Battle Between W-2 and 1099

IRS Form 1099-MISC Reporting Requirements and Updates

IRS Form 941 Reporting Update

IRS Guidelines for Good Governance for 501(c)(3) Organizations

Key Ratio Analysis of Financial Statements

Legal and Ethical Challenges in Assessing Your Client's Mental Capacity

Legal Ethical Issues

Limited Liability Companies: Common Traps to Avoid

Living Trust and Power of Attorney Lending Compliance for Banks

Managing Exemptions and Resale Certificates

Managing Telecommuting Employees: Policies and Best Practices

Medication Errors: Best Practices for Prevention

Mergers and Acquisitions: Employee Benefits Due Diligence Checklist

New and Enhanced FBAR and FATCA Reporting Requirements

Noncompetition Agreements for HR and Business Leaders: Protecting the Company's Business Resources

Nonprofit Accounting for Contributions and Pledges

Obtaining and Sustaining a Tax-Exempt Status

Poka-Yoke/Error Prevention: Mistake Proofing Fundamentals

Purchasing Ethics: Doing What's Right Across All Supplier Interactions

Real Estate Income Tax Issues

Requirements and Exemptions When Calculating Overtime

S Corporations: How to Avoid Common and Often Overlooked Pitfalls (Simple to Complex)

Sales and Use Tax Audits

Sales and Use Tax Issues of Internet Transactions

Smartphone Tips for Administrative Professionals to Increase Efficiency

SSAE No. 18: Reporting on an Examination of Controls at a Service Organization

Status Classification: Exempt vs. Nonexempt

Strategies for Managing Interruptions

Strategies to Manage a Chaotic Workload

Subdivision Map Act in California

Supporting Students with Disabilities in Making the Transition from School to Adult Life

Taking Meeting Minutes: Essential Techniques for Efficiency and Accuracy

Tax Depreciation and Amortization Best Practices

Tax Treatment of Gift Card and Certificate Sales

Technology Ethics for the Attorney

The AIA Owner Contractor Agreement

The Legal Hold Process for Paralegals

Threat Assessment and Risk Management: Understanding and Preventing Targeted School Violence

Title Issues for Lending Professionals

Top 5 Tips to Reduce Payment Errors and Improve Processes in Your Accounts Payable

Top Federal Tax Issues for 2018

Top Nine Ways to Ensure Your Website Will Attract New Talent to Your Company

Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) Implementation

Unclaimed Property: Why Your Company Can't Afford NOT to Be in Compliance

Understand and Interpret Financial Statements

Understanding the Apportionment Rules for Service-Based Businesses

Unrelated Business Income Tax

Use of Social Media in the Financial Services Industry

Utilizing Microsoft® Word™ Features and Functions

Vendor Master Files

What You Need to Know About Section 404 Permits

When and How to Use Indemnification Provisions

Wireless Ethics and Confidentiality for Attorneys

Withholding of Taxes on Payments to Foreign Persons and Entities

Workers' Compensation Cases: Practical Considerations for Paralegals