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Find timely and relevant seminars, webinars and online learning for anyone in the organization - from the individual contributor to the maintenance and facilities staff to the C-level executives.

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Training Classes With New Training Dates

Take a look at the freshest courses available. These classes have just been added.

The All-New Administrative Assistants Conference (Administrative Professionals) - You work hard every day. You deserve this amazing opportunity to learn, grow, and share with other great professionals just like you!

5 Amazing Ways HR Professionals Can Utilize LinkedIn® (Business Skills) - 5 Amazing Ways HR Professionals Can Utilize LinkedIn®

Assertiveness Skills for Business Professionals (Business Skills) - To succeed in today’s fast-paced world, you need to communicate effectively. But if you’re not actively voicing your needs, concerns, and opinions, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle.

Assertiveness Skills for Managers and Supervisors (Business Skills) - Assertiveness isn’t an option for success-minded managers – it’s a must-have skill.

Assertiveness Skills for Managers and Supervisors (Business Skills) - Give your communication skills an assertiveness boost that will help you achieve tremendous results!

Breaking Bad Communication Habits (Business Skills) - Don't let communication blunders and a lack of clarity hurt your career.

Business Grammar & Proofreading (Business Skills) - We've taken the dread out of learning these essential business skills and created a course that's actually INTERESTING and FUN to attend!

Business Writing & Grammar Skills (Business Skills) - Transform your written communications from so-so to sensational with this skill-packed two-day workshop!

Business Writing & Grammar Skills (Business Skills) - Gain smart tools and easy-to-use techniques that’ll transform your writing from so-so to sensational!

Coaching and Mentoring Skills for Leadership Success (Business Skills) - To achieve phenomenal results as a leader, you must become an effective coach and mentor.

Coaching and Mentoring Skills for Leadership Success (Business Skills) - Nowadays, you simply can't afford to rely on mere supervisory skills to be an effective leader. To achieve phenomenal leadership results, you MUST become an effective COACH and MENTOR. This intensive workshop shows you how!

Communicating with Confidence for Women with Dr. Kim (Business Skills) - One of the best-loved trainers of our time, Dr. Kimberly Ventus-Darks brings warmth, wisdom and real-world solutions to her unforgettable training sessions. Whether she makes you laugh or makes you cry – and quite possibly both – you’ll never forget the day you spent with Dr. Kim.

Communicating with Tact Professionalism and Diplomacy (Business Skills) - Learn the secrets to being seen as a polished, influential professional who garners respect and builds positive relationships with ease

Creative Leadership Skills for Managers & Supervisors (Business Skills) - Still using your grandfather’s management style? Forget the way it’s always been done – FIND OUT HOW TO DO IT RIGHT!

Developing Your Emotional Intelligence (Business Skills) - The Key to Working More Effectively With All Types of People

Developing Your Emotional Intelligence (Business Skills) - The key to working more effectively with all types of people

Effective Goal-Setting & Planning Skills (Business Skills) - Become more productive and less stressed - and actually succeed in your goals!

Essential Skills of Dynamic Public Speaking (Business Skills) - From the podium to the boardroom, this one-day workshop is for business professionals who want to learn how to stand up and convey ideas with passion … inform with pizzazz … and motivate people to take action.

How to Be an Outstanding Communicator (Business Skills) - Your success depends on how effectively you communicate; that’s why this training is critical to your career!

How to Build Strategic Thinking Skills (Business Skills) - A practical approach to strategic thinking, problem solving, and decision making. In other words, training that’s absolutely CRITICAL for EVERY success-minded professional!

How to Eliminate Unacceptable Employee Behavior (Business Skills) - Letting people wallow in bad attitudes, low productivity, or unacceptable behavior creates a negative atmosphere that impacts everyone in your organization.

How to Handle Conflict & Confrontation (Business Skills) - Keys to managing, resolving, and working through disagreements in the workplace

How to Successfully Make the Transition to Supervisor (Business Skills) - Make sure that you're 100% ready to handle the unique challenges that come with making the jump from Staff to Supervisor

Improving Your Communication: Skills for Success (Business Skills) - There is no other skill set more important to your career success than your ability to communicate effectively.

Leadership & Management for Women (Business Skills) - A ground-breaking professional development seminar designed to address the toughest challenges facing women leaders and supervisors today!

Management & Leadership Skills for First-Time Supervisors and Managers (Business Skills) - A high-powered training session where you'll spend two intensive days immersed in the critical skills and techniques that'll make all the difference to your success as a leader

Management Skills for First-Time Supervisors (Business Skills) - This high-intensity training covers dozens of key issues common to supervising others.

Managing Multiple Priorities and Projects (Business Skills) - Essentials for staying in control of projects and priorities while staying on target with your objectives, deadlines and budgets.

Managing Multiple Projects, Competing Priorities, and Tight Deadlines (Business Skills) - Smart ideas and techniques for staying on top of your massive workload!

Organization Skills for the Overwhelmed! (Business Skills) - You don't have to struggle with getting and staying organized anymore! Spend just one day at this seminar, and you'll never feel overwhelmed and disorganized again!

Powerful Communication Skills for Women (Business Skills) - Communicate with greater power, credibility, and influence - every time you speak!

Project Management (Business Skills) - This class helps towards earning the required project management education hours needed for PMI® certifications such as Project Management Professional (PMP)® and Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® as well as earning PDU's required for maintaining certification

Strategies to Manage a Chaotic Workload (Business Skills) - Strategies to Manage a Chaotic Workload

Strengthening Your People Skills in the Workplace (Business Skills) - Gain essential skills for working with all kinds of people - even the most difficult!

Strengthening Your People Skills in the Workplace (Business Skills) - Gain essential skills for understanding, relating to, and working better with all types of people ... even the most difficult!

Target Listening: Listen, Learn, Respond (Business Skills) - In this listening skills webinar you will learn how to be a more effective listener during classes, meetings, and discussions.

The Complete Course on How to Supervise People (Business Skills) - Learn how to get the absolute maximum performance possible from every member on your team!

The Copywriter's Workshop (Business Skills) - Learn how to write highly compelling copy that immediately grabs your reader's attention, moves them into action, and sends your response rates soaring!

The E-mail and Business Writing Workshop (Business Skills) - This seminar delivers solid tools and techniques that will help you add clarity and power to all your business documents.

Women's Conference Tour (Business Skills) - Your Link to Professional Success!

Writing Policies and Procedures (Business Skills) - You’ll learn valuable techniques we’ve gathered after months of studying and comparing written policies from firms of all types and sizes

Advanced Excel Training (Computers / SW) - Go beyond the basics in this intensive two-day workshop and learn Excel's most advanced and most powerful features

Advanced Training for Microsoft Excel (Computers / SW) - An intensive day of training that puts you in command of Excel’s most advanced features and functions

Microsoft Excel®: Become a Power User (Computers / SW) - A skill-boosting one-day workshop designed specifically for those who've mastered Excel's fundamentals and are ready to get the tools required to become a "power user"!

Unleashing the Power of Microsoft Office and Adobe for Lawyers (Computers / SW) - Unleashing the Power of Microsoft Office and Adobe for Lawyers

Utilizing Graphs and Charts in Microsoft® Excel® (Computers / SW) - Utilizing Graphs and Charts in Microsoft® Excel®

401(k) Plan Audits (HR Management) - 401(k) Plan Audits

Employment Law Compliance: Disciplining or Terminating a Workers' Compensation Claimant (HR Management) - Employment Law Compliance: Disciplining or Terminating a Workers' Compensation Claimant

FMLA Compliance (HR Management) - Don’t let your company be caught off guard … make sure you’re compliant with FMLA with this comprehensive new seminar!

HR Policies and Compliance Tips When Dealing With Independent Contractors, Interns and Leased Employees (HR Management) - HR Policies and Compliance Tips When Dealing With Independent Contractors, Interns and Leased Employees

Human Resources and the Law (HR Management) - You'll gain a thorough understanding of EEOC and ADA regs. You'll learn how to comply with the Family and Medical Leave Act

Human Resources For Professionals Who've Recently Assumed HR Responsibilities (HR Management) - Whether you’re new to the HR field or have recently added HR duties as part of your job, this workshop will give you the information and confidence you need to successfully meet the tough HR challenges that come your way!

Issues Surrounding the OFCCP's Internet Applicant Rules (HR Management) - Issues Surrounding the OFCCP's Internet Applicant Rules

Managing Human Resources (HR Management) - HR is a tough job. You need every advantage you can get ? that?s why you need this seminar.

The Basics of HR Law (HR Management) - Cover the basics of HR law in a fast-paced, plain-English way that will provide understanding to anyone that has to deal with the thousands of facets of employment law

Top Ten Best Practices For Managing FMLA Leave (HR Management) - Top Ten Best Practices For Managing FMLA Leave

Writing Job Descriptions (HR Management) - Writing Job Descriptions

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