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Find timely and relevant seminars, webinars and online learning for anyone in the organization - from the individual contributor to the maintenance and facilities staff to the C-level executives.

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Training Classes With New Training Dates

Take a look at the freshest courses available. These classes have just been added.

The Indispensable Assistant (Administrative Professionals) - Gain practical skills to make you more productive and more valuable than ever before. Learn better ways to get organized, stay motivated, manage projects, work independently and handle the pressure of multiple tasks, deadlines and bosses.

Assertiveness Skills (Business Skills) - Learn to act assertively by expressing your feelings or thoughts directly and firmly with composure.

Business Writing and Grammar Skills Made Easy and Fun! (Business Skills) - Gain dozens of field-tested strategies relied on by today’s most effective business writers.

Business Writing Basics for Professionals (Business Skills) - Find out just how easy it is to get started, organize your thoughts and present your messages in ways that achieve the positive results you want.

Business Writing Skills (Business Skills) - Participants of this workshop will benefit by being able to communicate more effectively, and dramatically save time by knowing how to write effectively

Coaching and Teambuilding Skills for Managers and Supervisors (Business Skills) - This is your prime opportunity to gain vital team-building expertise–both people skills and technical skills–guaranteed to make your team more cohesive, motivated and productive.

Communicating With Tact, Diplomacy and Professionalism (Business Skills) - Learn how to handle touchy topics, problem people and sticky situations with finesse and skill in this two-day workshop.

Communication Skills (Business Skills) - The number one priority in every organization is communication effectiveness. Learning the strategies for performing positively, assertively and powerfully will enhance your career and personal success.

Conflict Management Skills for Women (Business Skills) - In this seminar, you’ll learn how to handle every difficult situation with poise and confidence.

Controlling Chaos and Thriving Under Pressure (Business Skills) - In two rejuvenating days, we’ll show you core principles and innovative strategies that’ll help you simplify your hectic schedule, control your day instead of letting it control you and ease stress in all areas of your life–no matter what constraints you face.

Creative Leadership: Leading ... Motivating ... Inspiring Your Team to New Heights (Business Skills) - To be a successful leader in today's organizations, you have to do more than just "lead"

Dealing Effectively With Unacceptable Employee Behavior (Business Skills) - Get expert advice on the sticky issue of disciplining workers whose performance just doesn’t measure up. Learn how to handle each step of the process—from recognizing the problem and assessing its severity … to intervention strategies … to termination procedures.

Dealing With Difficult People (Business Skills) - learn the skills essential to getting your ideas, plans and feelings across with confidence and conviction.

Developing Emotional Intelligence (Business Skills) - Improve personal resilience and performance by learning to be more conscious of our emotions, and more skillful in applying the appropriate emotion at the appropriate time

Excelling as a Highly Effective Team Leader (Business Skills) - In this two-day workshop, you’ll learn the personal leadership characteristics and skills that spark the kind of energy and enthusiasm that make productivity and performance soar.

Excelling as a Manager or Supervisor (Business Skills) - This intensive day focuses on the unique challenges you face every day in your job and offers solutions to help you fully achieve your potential - not just as a manager or supervisor, but as a true leader who commands respect, commitment and credibility.

Fundamentals of Successful Project Management (Business Skills) - This two-day workshop will show you how to make projects an orderly progression of completed objectives, instead of a helter-skelter race with disaster.

Getting & Staying Organized (Business Skills) - This workshop will help participants zero in on the areas that will provide them with the greatest return.

How to Become a Better Communicator (Business Skills) - Learn how to communicate effectively and confidently with these practical and proven techniques and skills that are essential for managers, supervisors, team leaders

How to Excel at Managing and Supervising People (Business Skills) - In just two days, you’ll get the most up-to-the-minute information and exciting discoveries available on how to manage change, motivate, discipline, delegate, inspire, problem solve … all the critical skills you need to succeed as a supervisor.

How to Write Effective Policies and Procedures (Business Skills) - This seminar will get you up to speed on the nuts and bolts of writing and developing your organization’s policies and procedures.

Leadership and Management Skills for Women (Business Skills) - This workshop is a rare opportunity to acquire important leadership skills and use those newfound skills to gain the respect of co-workers and those you supervise.

Managing Multiple Projects, Objectives and Deadlines (Business Skills) - Learn organizational skills to help you get more accomplished faster and with better results than ever before!

Meeting Minutes Made Easy (Business Skills) - Learn to take meeting minutes

Presentation Skills (Business Skills) - Making dynamic presentations with confidence is an essential career skill that demonstrates your leadership ability and earns respect.

Professionalism in the Workplace (Business Skills) - Our Toronto based professionalism in the workplace training & development course will enable participants to act with an increased level of mature competence.

Project Management (Business Skills) - Project management is essential to achieving goals with respect to schedules and budgets.

Project Management (Business Skills) - This class helps towards earning the required project management education hours needed for PMI® certifications such as Project Management Professional (PMP)® and Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® as well as earning PDU's required for maintaining certification

Sparking Innovation and Creativity (Business Skills) - With this idea-sparking seminar, you’ll learn to overcome negative beliefs and thinking habits that stifle creativity and replace "old" thinking with new and powerful ways to unleash your creative potential.

Speed Reading (Business Skills) - The Harris technique will enable you to read the easiest or the most difficult texts more quickly, while gaining the comprehension and retention you need.

Supervise Motivate and Lead Others (Business Skills) - Learn to turn less than desirable performance to acceptable and acceptable performance to superior performance

The Conference for Women (Business Skills) - There are absolutely no limits to what you can achieve – especially when you’re equipped with the right tools, the right plan and the right attitude, and that’s what this conference is all about.

The Conference on Leadership Development and Teambuilding (Business Skills) - Motivating people, conquering setbacks, creating inspired teams - the secrets to developing these skills and more are right here in our conference. You won't want to miss it.

The Managers and Supervisors Conference (Business Skills) - In just one day, you’ll gain hundreds of fresh techniques and time-tested approaches for sharpening your skills, reframing your attitude and performing at the top of your game!

Time Management: Working Smarter Not Harder (Business Skills) - This workshop will help participants zero in on the areas that will provide them with the greatest return.

Advanced Microsoft® Excel® Techniques (Computers / Software) - Learn ways to make your job easier and increase the sophistication of your data reporting and analyzing.

Getting the Most From Microsoft® Excel® (Computers / Software) - This workshop will show you how to end your Excel frustrations for good by providing the “how-to’s” for breezing through spreadsheets, forecasts, graphs and financial reporting, plus little-known shortcuts and time-saving techniques.

Behavioral Interviewing (HR Management) - Learn to develop techniques to conduct effective selection interviews

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